Make something usable from recycled materials


Make something usable things made from recycled materials
Recycling is quite an important feature and fast becoming a trend. It shows how you care about your environment. You could make cool usable things from recycled materials. The good part is that you could do it yourself, right at the comfort of your home.
1. Cutlery holder from tin cans
Tin cans make great cutlery holders. They are also quite lovely and can blend well with your kitchen. Take a few used tin cans and have a cutlery holder for spoons, knives, and forks.
2. Desk organizer from a cereal box
There are a lot of small equipment everywhere on your work desk. A cereal box makes quite a good place to keep this equipment. Your desk is now well organized.
3. Piggy bank from a water bottle
Why should you buy a piggy bank, when you can make your own and start saving immediately? Just make a cut on one side of the bottle and you have a piggy bank.
4. A lantern from a soda can
Cut the top of the soda can off, make small holes around the can, making any pattern you may want. Place a source of light inside the can and you have a lantern.
5. Pencil holders from tin cans
Making pencil holders from tin cans is very easy. Try painting the cans and decorating them as desired.